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Orthotics for Plantar Foot Pain – Sydney

Acute and chronic pains in the foot, particularly in the heel area, are often caused by muscles having been overworked, underworked, impacted or foreshortened. Muscles can be stressed or damaged in a number of different ways, from poor footwear choices and occupational factors to lots of high-impact exercise such as running or jogging. In some cases, pain is diagnosed as plantar fasciitis. The good news is, you can get orthotics for plantar pain throughout Sydney and Australia which are specifically designed and engineered to correct the conditions which lead to the pain, whilst stimulating the muscles and fascia to strengthen and heal.

PZ custom orthotics for heel pain are a great choice because they’re fitted by a qualified practitioner and designed around you, so you know you’re not just getting an off-the-shelf solution. If you are tired of suffering from pain but don’t want an invasive short-term treatment such as corticosteroid injections, then you may prefer PZs. The unique difference with PZ orthotics for heel pain is, as opposed to hard orthotics, the rubber material stimulates without supporting in the different zones of the foot. This means that the damaged fascia can heal and strengthen, instead of just being propped up. Depending on the severity of your pain, you may experience immediate short term relief, with significant improvement over the months following your fitting. Your practitioner will be able to discuss the relative benefits for your particular situation, as well as recommending adjunct treatments so you can get back to working, training and living as normal.

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